Presbyterian Evangelical Church Mission

(GPEC) Gambella Presbyterian Evangelical Church, Ethiopia +251922718320 Company Type: non-profit Association group of congregation of Gambella Presbyterian Evangelical Church Ethiopia is located in Gambella Town ( Elaychway, or Imila – Bur-maykal) and is part of the non-profit Institutions industry.

South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Juba cross the border to gambella Ethiopia. PEC in Gambella congregation it was begin  through Rev. Ojullu omot and Pt. Obur Ajuy and those who are within the country, They established the congregation in Gambella from grassroots with empty hands and sacrifice themselves to be able to do the ministry of God.

Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Gambella Ethiopia is the grassroots unit of administratively established independently as (PECGE) in Ethiopia Gambella within the overall organizational leadership and administrative policy framework of (EPCG), grassroots members (congregation) have administrative autonomy which is bestowed upon the Elders committee under the ultimate decision of the general Assembly, composed of all communicate members of the congregation.

Members group

Mission, Vision, Values and Core Values


Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Gambella, Ethiopia as the organ of PECGE, envisions seeing that the entire  Gambella town and it’s surrounding reached through Gospel proclamation and free from material, illiteracy and spiritual poverty in which both the congregation and individual members play an active role in both inland and international missionary work of the PECEG.


Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Ethiopia Gambella shares the mission of it’s mother church organization, PEC, lives and serves to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20). The approach through which all members of EPC reach, equipped to send out and serve the unreached is explained in the motto” Serving the whole person, Holistic ministry”.

Core Values

Evangelical Presbyterian Church Gambella in Ethiopia (EPCG) congregations and  it’s members are guided by the following Core Values

. Prayerful spiritual life

  • Committed to Gospel proclamation to all people and discipleship
  • Fairness and equality
  • Respect and love for all people
  • Peaceful cooperation and collaboration
  • Legality
  • Unity in diversity
  • Transparency