These are the members of PEC church, how the church was begin it was started from under tree. (PECG) Eastern Gambella has been growing in terms of the scope of it’s ministry, coupled with the increase in the number of it’s members over the last one year.

Plant the church need commitment

(PEC) based in Gambella Ethiopia is a part of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Juba. (PEC) in Gambella congregation it was began through members who are returned back to Gambella from Kenya, and South Sudan and some other who are in the country. They’re started to open the church from grassroots with empty hands and sacrifice themselves to be able to do the work of ministry of God.

Improve the leadership capacity of Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Gambella Ethiopia congregations and create a conductive environment for Gospel proclamation.

Target and initiative

* Organize the training for potential leaders on a continuous basis. * Improve and update HRM and financial management. * Establish and maintain team spiritual among workers and members. * Encourage participative and learning culture. * Strengthen the different service groups (choirs, youth, and women prayer groups, and the various services) * Organize various capacity building training for the leaders of the congregation.

Spiritual Growth of Members

Target and initiative

_ Continuously strengthen the spiritual life of the members of the congregation through focused training. _Organize training on different thematic areas, marriage, family and stewardship. _ Strengthen Bible study and Home cell groups, organize special spiritual programs. _ Organize annual Couple days to strengthen family bondage. _ Strengthen counselings service for those individuals and groups in need. _ Established a system for the close follow-up of members on a regular basis. _ Trainings on work ethics and Christian Life as salt and light for the world.

We plant churches because the Bible tells us to.

Jesus challenge to the first century disciples was to plant churches. The great Commission in (Matthew 28 18-20) is not just a call to evangelize, but to make disciples and baptize them in the faith. In Acts and elsewhere, it is clear that baptism means incorporation into a worshipping community with accountability and boundaries (Acts 2:41-47).

The major way to be truly sure you are increasing the number of Christians in a village or town is to increase the number of churches. This is why a leading mission expert can say, planting new churches is the most effective Evangelistic methodology known under heaven.

Strengthen Children Ministry

Strengthen Sunday School programs together with preparing relevant teaching materials on the basis of Presbyterian Evangelical Church child ministry curriculum. * Recruit, train and assign Sunday School programs teachers for children to provide gender and age based quality service. Encourage child preachers and solo singers and provide them with guidance so that they grow and mature spiritually (1 Sam. 2:26). * Promote and encourage the culture of giving among children so that each child learn and develop living in communion.

Strengthen youth Ministry

*Capacity building training will be provided to the youth members of the congregation. * Encourage and strengthen youth participation in the various services of the congregation.

Strengthen youth Ministry

Strengthen Women Ministry

  • Provide leadership training to the women’s members of the congregation aimed improveing their leadership capacity on a yearly basis·
  • Initiative livelihood (income generation) programs for vulnerable women members of the congregation.
  • Collection of firewood for the church can be done.
  • Collection of grass can be carried out one time a year